WeLcOme To SimPlYaNdToTaLlYTiReD

WeLcOme To SimPlYaNdToTaLlYTiReD

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If i become an insect i want to be a BUTTERFLY :))

If i were an insect i want to be an butterfly.
Why butterfly because butterfly is an beautiful insect.
It can go wherever it wants to go.
It was free to go or do whatever it wants.
It can fly all day.
And it's very awesome when they were just a egg then it become larvae then it becomes pupa .
It's awesome to see when they become a butterfly .
And it is so cute when you see their wonderful colors especially when it was a light color.
So that if i become an insect i want to be an Butterfly :))

This is the color i want if i become a Butterfly:))

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