WeLcOme To SimPlYaNdToTaLlYTiReD

WeLcOme To SimPlYaNdToTaLlYTiReD

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awesome daii with a little bit tiredness and little bit of bad mood :))

.. Today was an awesome but before it was awesome i feel some anger.. .. because today we make our group assessment in the house of Miguel but before we do it the time we have to meet was 1:30 but everyone meet at the time of 2pm i was kinda shock because i know and they know the time of meeting was 1:30 but after that when all attend but we start at 3:30 because we don't know what kind of stuff do we need what prepations at what kind position do we need and after we practice the song there's a problem in the cam because i didn't able to fully-charged it so we use a cellphone now im kinda shock because the outcome of the video but it can see a little of our faces was blurry and our voices was not that good  but even if the video's outcome and our singing was not that good we all unearned it so we can make our project/assessment so that we can have nice grade we didn't ask a higher grade for our video but i hope Mrs. Mendoza can appreciate it because we gave our best to make it . Because we have a lot of fun doing this project.. :)) 

Truly Yours,
Christine :)) <
Here's an example :)) ahahahAHH!! Peace OUT SISTAR"s :)) 
Love YOu GUYS 
Musical Group II 

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